2017 Stencil Art Prize - Call for Entries

Published by: Jacinta | 1-Feb-2017
Stencil artists from around the globe are invited to enter the world's largest stencil event - The 2017 Stencil Art Prize. The winner will take home a $5000 cash prize and exhibit alongside finalists at Stirrup Gallery in Sydney from the 8 - 17 September 2017. Previous winner include E.L.K, 23rd Key, Monstfur, Tinku, Ralf Kempken and David Soukup.
We're ramping up for another huge Stencil Art Prize this year at Stirrup Gallery in Sydney from the 8 - 17 September.
  • Entry costs $35 AUD per artwork
  • $5000 Cash Prize
  • Enter via email
  • Entries close 6 June 2017
  • Full entry details on our website www.stencilartprize.com
Over the past 9 years we've showcased hundreds of stencil artists to new audiences, featured their artworks around the globe through our social media channels and media relationships and generally made a huge noise about our finalists. We've sold their artworks, hooked our artists up with murals and commissions, organised media interviews, our finalists have connected with other finalists all over the globe which has opened up all sorts of opportunities for them.

As we count down to our first decade, the Stencil Art Prize is without question the world's largest and longest running stencil event. We encompass nearly every stencil making method on the planet including hand drawn and hand cut stencils, computer generated stencil layers, silk screen stencils and screen printing processes, collage and mixed media stencils, spray paint techniques, water colour, ink and more. Does this sound like you?

If you haven't entered before, or perhaps you haven't made the finalist cut, we encourage you to have a go this year. Each year we are looking for new artists, new artworks and new stencil concepts to blow our audiences minds.

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