2017 Morocco Jewellery Tour with DORE STOCKHAUSEN

Published by: Amazigh Cultural Tours Morocco | 22-Jan-2017
Enjoy the art, architecture, food and music, as we traverse the fantastic landscape of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara on this unique holiday that will have a focus on traditional and contemporary jewellery in Morocco. Travelling with our special guest artist Dore Stockhausen you will have an opportunity to draw inspiration from your experience, develop your own jewellery designs and create a unique piece of your own made en route.
Renowned silversmith and jeweller Dore Stockhausen will lead our Jewellery Tour in September 2017. Presenting Specialist Art Tours, Amazigh Cultural Tours Morocco works with selected artists who have a culturally sensitive approach to place and a specialist media or area of practice that provides a focus for a cultural experience with a difference.

Participants will be able to explore the workshops and souqs, antique and contemporary jewellery artisans and traders, as well as metal workers who use a range of associated techniques such as piercing, folding, engraving and embossing to create decorative and functional household items. Superb historic collections including the Tiskiwin Museum, Yves Saint Laurent's collection at the Musée Berbére and private collections will reveal the rich traditions in jewellery trade and production.

Our guest artist Dore Stockhausen will share her skills and expertise in developing design concepts inspired by the natural landscape and Amazigh art and culture, in simple workshops that will allow you to gather ideas and resources for your own work. Walks in the Atlas Mountains and oasis valleys together with the exploration of rich artisanal traditions will inform drawings for jewellery design with the aim to create one wearable piece en route. This individual design will incorporate a constructed form to be cast in silver at a unique workshop in the Sahara, where we will work with an Amazigh craftsmen using a traditional method with sand molds and a charcoal pit fire.

Traveling with like-minded people and an experienced team of co-hosts including Australian artist Rita Lazauskas and professional Amazigh Guide Abdenabi Imelouane, the program offers an innovative and creative way to explore a new place that is stimulating, supportive and safe.

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