1st Art Fix in Australia - 75 artists from 20 countries!

Published by: Art Fix | 14-Feb-2017
Over 75 artists from over 20 countries explore the theme of "Traveling Home". There will be live music, spoken word performances, art for sale, food and drinks!
Venue: Lulu Gallery
Address: 506 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051
Date: Opening on March 2
Time: 6:00pm
Ticket: $8
Web: http://www.art-fix.net/
: https://www.facebook.com/events/1563158937031958/
: https://www.facebook.com/artfixmtl/
: https://www.instagram.com/art.fix.events/
EMail: art-fix@mail.com
Call: 490677243
Art fix has gathered over 75 visual artists and poets from 20 countries, to explore the ideas of Home and Travel by the contrasts that intimately links them together.

The opening on March 2nd will follow the previous Art Fix events, as featured in Canada : bringing art together ! For the opening of the exhibition the public will also enjoy live music and spoken word performances in order to bring the visitors into an immersive experience.

Art Opening on Thursday March 2nd

Schedule TBA : starting 5:30pm
- Spoken word performances
- live music

Fee : 8$ at the door

All artworks for sale.

Lulu Gallery ; 506 Queensbery St, North Melbourne
Acces via tram 57 - stop 12

Our contemporary society is shaped by a flux of information and people. Travelers, migrants, refugees...most of us don't belong to only one unique identity, we belong in different origins and places.

"We all travel away to find ourselves in someone else"s home, we travel to find the unknown within ourselves to feel at home"

The exhibition will run from the opening night on Thursday March 2nd to Sunday, March 12th, and will showcase a wide variety of artworks and poetry.

From landscape to captured memories, the concept of Travel will also be presented with lyrical and fantastic artworks to bring us to wonderful and unknown places. Social issues about migrants, homeless or refugees will also be part of the exhibition's journey.

Then these ideas will be linked with representations of Home following a self-investigation : what makes a home? Is it our morning coffee, the couch and the cat? The place where we were born, or the one we decide to settle down? Is it spiritual or real, unique or plural"¦

All these questions will lead to reflection about our daily lives. The understanding of our world leads back to travel, like a closed circle: We often need detachment by traveling to reach awareness of the world we're living in.

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