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Arts Management Network

Arts Management Network is a subject related media on all topics of cultural management, arts and business that wants to stimulate new thinking and a innovative vision of arts and culture. The online platform and the periodical newsletter provide information for over 10.000 readers from academia, arts, cultural organizations, cultural policy, and the creative industries around the world. Arts Management Network wants to shed light on new perspectives on the issue of cultural management by presenting worldwide developments as well as sensitizing for special requirements and local characteristics in the developed as well as developing regions of the world.



BNE ART is an independent digital visual arts guide. The platform showcases and archives events, opportunities, artist profiles, arts writing and art spaces from Brisbane. It is an access point and resource for the online public wishing to learn more about Brisbane’s visual arts sector and creative arts culture. BNE ART was founded in 2011.

BNE ART Mobile App available for iPhone and Android. Download for free on the App stores.



FilmBunker is an online publication that features reviews, essays, and interviews concerning film and screen media. FilmBunker provides a space for film critics, journalists, students, and cinephiles to express their views and make their voices known to a wider audience.


HMKW Hochschule für Medien Kommunikation und Wirtschaft

HMKW is a private, state-approved university with institutional accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities. HMKW is active at three locations across Germany: in Berlin, Cologne and in Frankfurt (Main).

HMKW places great emphasis on work experience and applying theory in practice, preparing graduates for successful careers. In our teaching, we combine a solid academic education with various real-life projects. We cooperate with various institutions and business partners in industry to complement the academic curriculum with real tasks and projects.

Our Master programs, taught in English at our Berlin campus, continue the successful approach and high standards of our undergraduate degrees – four semesters full-time or six semesters part-time.

HMKW takes part in ERASMUS programs and supports student exchanges as well as collaboration with students and universities in Europe and worldwide. Our network of partner universities is continually expanding.



MINA is the longest running film festival dedicated to celebrating mobile and smartphone filmmaking internationally. MINA creates connections between filmmakers, communities and the creative industries. In the last eight years MINA featured new developments in narrative and non-narrative explorations, in documentary, experimental and abstract filmmaking. Last year MINA successfully introduced drone and Cinematic VR productions as part of the screening program. These mobile and smartphone videos can include project showcases and documentation.



Newslogue is an independent writing and publishing platform based on social journalism and match all forms of writing to all forms of readers. To create a place where people can share their stories, idea, opinion or news in writing with global audience.


RMIT University

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise. One of Australia's original tertiary institutions, RMIT University enjoys an international reputation for excellence in professional and vocational education, applied research, and engagement with the needs of industry and the community. RMIT is a world leader in Art and Design; Architecture and the Built Environment; Engineering; Accounting and Finance; and Business and Management Studies.


Spit Press

Spit Press is a lifestyle blog based on the simple idea of quality content to inform better living. We're currently relaunching our newsletter 'The Spit Ball' and developing our first podcast. You'll like it here if you're a curious mind.


Student View

Student View is an online portal which aims to bring Australian students together by creating a one stop centre for the community. The website was originally created in 2012, with the goal of giving students an authentic voice to be heard in Australian public discourse. Over the years, we have grown into a platform that has encouraged the wider community to participate in the growing student population. With the future generation in our hands, we are here to inspire, encourage and create content that is exceptional.

The paper currently covers a range of topics such as; Careers, Education, Relationships, Lifestyle, Global Politics, Arts and Science and Advice Columns. The editorial team actively connects with students, organisations and community programs to foster an inclusive and supportive community. Our end goal is to not only enhance student's academic and personal growth but also positively contribute to the globally conscious and productive graduates they will become.


Swinburne Design Factory (SDF)

Swinburne Design Factory (SDF) brings together students, researchers, industry partners and entrepreneurs to solve complex problems and generate innovative solutions. Residing in Swinburne University, SDF provides a culture of practice and knowledge to enable industries to achieve greater impact and students to become future ready.

Design Factory

The Agency

The Agency is a student-run Public Relations consultancy from La Trobe University. Our team are all currently completing an undergraduate Media and Communications degree accredited by the PRIA.


The Tasmanian Arts Guide

Tasmania has a vibrant and creative arts and cultural scene. The Tasmanian Arts Guide is the best online source to find out what’s going on the arts in Tasmania and can help you plan your days and nights on the island. It aggregates high quality, curated content to help you discover a range of creative places to visit, the best events, profiles of some Tasmania’s talented artists and arts companies and lots of stories about our arts and culture. If you are planning a trip or just interested in knowing what’s in the water down here visit The Tasmanian Arts Guide



We believe in a free and inclusive society that upholds human rights, where unbiased, well-informed and mindful media makers and activists, along with independent and professional media empower and inspire the engagement of well-informed citizens. Therefore, we work to build a society where empowered young media makers are actively participating and contributing to the public sphere by creating fair, independent and responsible media, fostering the development of democracy, international development and a sustainable future.