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… we have a small favour to ask. YAJA is growing and more students are getting involved. The YAJA’s independent student support takes a lot of time, money and hard work to do. But we do it because we believe what we do matters and it might well be your perspective, too. So you can see why we need to ask for your help.

Your donation is crucial. YAJA is growing on an international scale and you can become part of it. Your support will enable us at YAJA to help and reward current students for their efforts.

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How The Funds Will Be Used

Funds raised will be used for Marketing Activities, Student Support and Prize Money.

Your donation is crucial. It will help us to spread the word about the YAJA and make sure we can offer maximum guidance, mentoring and support to students.

“Thank you for your support. See you at YAJA!”

Our Campaign

Sharing the experience of young students rising above the rest, because they dared to jump in at the deep end, without knowing what they may find - it means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Universities are proud to be associated as instrumental contributors towards student achievements through education. Parents are proud of them as their kids and industry professionals love to recruit them for their demonstrated abilities.

The buzz, the cheering, the emotions, standing alongside many other people, we all experience the same positive vibe... this is what attracts us all to events like this.

We now have an opportunity to rally together and make history. Through our commitment to this crowdfunding model, together we can help establish a future for online journalism through art on an international scale and have student's works speak boldly to the world.

Our number one goal with the YAJA is to be able to establish an ongoing event driven by you: the passionate and the idealists, the professionals in academia and arts, collaborating to support aspiring students in a sustainable way so that the YAJA will always be there for us.

With transparency across the entire planning process and open communication with those involved throughout, the YAJA aims to provide a great experience for everyone participating.

We have the strength in numbers. Let’s help journalism students to thrive in a dramatically changing world of communications. We are YAJA.

The Challenges

The challenges involved in establishing a new award in Australia are limited. With the award being promoted on the World Wide Web on an international scale, the reach is much wider than a physical approach limited to Australia.

The award ceremonies will commence in Melbourne, Australia (venue to be confirmed). With future growth and an increased awareness for the YAJA we hope to be able to invite international guests to the YAJA in future ceremonies. Predominantly due to Australia's distance away from countries where competitors and supporters may reside, costs such as international travel, involved in attracting foreign participants to join the awards, can blowout the budget.

It's important we are realistic and limit the size of the first YAJA to facilitate sustainability. This will help us reduce major production costs.

Receiving positive response across the board about the Young Art Journalism Awards, we are convinced that this award will grow into something big in future years, but we want to make sure that we stay realistic and grow slowly.

We pledge that we will always keep an amazing award experience top of mind with everything we do.

Calling for your support

Partner Universities

Share our vision. We love to have you on board. - Thank you!

  • Coverage of University through entries from enrolled students
  • Recognition of excellence in tertiary education
  • Recognition for Awards partnership and academic leadership
  • Contribution to panel and judging process
  • Free promotions on Art News
  • Funding and donations in kind are welcome


Industry partners

Please help us to make it work. - Thank you!

  • Offer industry guidance and mentoring to students
  • Be part of the YAJA judging panel
  • Collaborate with student on designated articles
  • Coverage through awards entries
  • Cross Promotion on Art News Portal and YAJA


Media partners

Please help to spread the word and vision. - Thank you!

  • Guide and mentor students
  • Offer industry experience for students
  • Supply media opportunities for students
  • Be part of the YAJA judging panel
  • Cross Promotion on Art News Portal and YAJA


Awards Sponsor

For companies who believes that the future of journalism lies in the hands of Internet savvy generations to come, please support YAJA. - Thank you!

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Public - Crowd Fund

For anyone who believes that the future of journalism lies in the hands of Internet savvy generations to come, please support YAJA. - Thank you!