Past Team Members

Alexandria Abishegam

Editor in Chief - Student View
YAJA Ambassador

"Your Voice can Change the World" (Barack Obama)

I am a graduate from the University of Western Australia, with a degree in the Bachelor of Commerce. I come from a Malaysian-Indian heritage which is deeply rooted in a rich culture of arts, music and dance. Growing up in Perth, Western Australia I have always been actively involved in my community heading up a range of youth and community service projects. I developed my passion for writing at an early age and I am a firm believer that young people should use their voice to educate and actively engaged in the world around them. I am currently the Editor - In - Chief of Australia's National Student Newspaper "Student View" and I am always looking out for new trends, talents and opportunities to grow the student community.

The Dark Knight of Lectures by Alexandria Abishegam

Emilie Juul Hervik

YAJA Ambassador

My name is Emilie Juul Hervik and I am a Norwegian graduate student at Griffith University, completing my Bachelor of Arts degree. I am double majoring in journalism and sociology, an interesting combination! I have previously interned at Radio Metro Gold Coast as well as contributed regularly to the student blog Explore and other websites. I have a passion for writing as well as politics, animal welfare, music, and all things creative, which is why I am so excited to be a YAJA Awards student ambassador.

Volker Janssen

YAJA Co-Founder and Awards Executive

Volker has worked in a broad range of capacities throughout his life. Always interested in learning and with extended experience in adult IT-induction training, in the German financial services industry, it was only in 2009 that he found his passion in higher education. Working in close relation with students to improve their employability skills, he realized that Arts, Humanities and Social Science students had very little prospect of gaining relevant work experience, prior to graduating. Discussing the issue with his project partner Erik Rathmayr the idea for the Young Art Journalism Award (YAJA) emerged. With almost seven years of experience in student career development, he is the go-to person for students, academics and corporate sector university employees who wish to get involved.

Alf Klimek

Musician, Songwriter and Producer
YAJA Ambassador

Alf Klimek is an Australian musician. During the 1980s he was based in Berlin as a singer-songwriter for Spliff (as Alf Klimax, 1980–83) and The Other Ones (1984–90). That group included his younger twin siblings, Johnny and Jayney. In 1987 The Other Ones had two hit singles, "Holiday" and "We Are What We Are", which charted in Germany and the United States. With an earlier background in music and theatre he has written and performed hits in both the USA and Europe.

Maggy Liu

Reporter / Contributor

My name is Maggy and I am a Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Melbourne majoring in Sociology and Media & Communications. As an aspiring journalist, aside from writing for YAJA, I have also been published in local newspapers and other online platforms for reviews, interviews and opinion pieces covering areas such as: university life, art, pop-culture, technology and politics. Aside from taking photos, watching movies and playing badminton in my spare time, I also love to colour my rather ordinary life with hastily strung together words and pictures on my own blog.


Erik Rathmayr

YAJA Co-Founder and Awards Director

Erik is a passionate digital strategist who launched his journey into the world of digital media in 2000, designing and publishing hand-coded websites. He has been working in technical, creative, strategic and management roles on digital projects in Australia and across Europe. Being the publisher behind ART NEWS PORTAL, Erik has laid the foundation to effectively promote the YAJA on an international scale. Erik is the go-to man for arts and media professionals who want to get involved and actively support this unique award.

Ambre Sachet

Independent cultural journalist
YAJA Ambassador

Ambre Sachet is a Montreal-based independent and cultural journalist. After leaving France at the age of 8 and spending her teenage years between Mauritania and China – where she spent 9 years in total – Ambre finally decided to stay in the city she fell in love with 5 years ago.

Ambre graduated from Université de Montréal with a Baccalauréat in English Studies and Comparative Literature. Two internships in journalism and a writing experience for the student newspaper later, Ambre joined the Graduate Diploma in Journalism at Concordia University, where she learned how to practice journalism on multiple mediums such as radio, TV and print. Obsessed by culture and Cinema, she now works as an independent journalist while writing for the UdeM blog and her bilingual personal web site