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BY fireworksgallery | 06-Jun-2012

An exciting collection of 21 electrifying new paintings by renowned Indigenous Australian artist, Michael Nelson Jagamara. Opening Event: 15th June 6-8.30pm.

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BY JO | 06-Jun-2012

Over $2000 in prize money will be awarded to artists on Saturday, 9 June 2012, at the opening of our 4th annual book inspired art exhibition called Blarney's Biblio-Art Awards.

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Emerging Design

BY design100 | 04-Jun-2012

We recognise that for emerging designers, building attachment with the design industry can be challenging, and we want to promote, empower and inspire you. Following your training or emergence into the industry, the next step to becoming a successful designer is to have opportunities to showcase yourself and your work, build your reputation and connect in with the industry.

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ArtCycle - Rent, Buy Art and Much More

BY ArtCycle | 28-May-2012

Established in 2011, artCycle is an artist-run initiative that rents and sells artwork and other works to private households, corporate clients, hotels, real estate agents and other organisations in Victoria.

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SONOR WINES - Refinement of Wine through Music

BY SONOR WINES | 28-May-2012

SONOR WINES is an invention by Viennese Wine Expert and Musician Markus Bachmann. Sonor Wines is a brand new technology which is using music for the refinement of wine. A special speaker is placed into the tank or barrel to expose the fermenting grape juice to classical, jazz, electronic, pop or rock music.

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one hundredth gallery - abstraction

BY one hundredth gallery | 28-May-2012

Abstraction is an exhibition by emerging abstract artists from all over Australia. This exhibition is for those who have a love colour and texture and who enjoy a different portrayal of our natural environment.

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Sydney Design Awards 2012

BY design100 | 22-May-2012

The Sydney Design Awards represent the diversity and culture of the Sydney design industry.
Sydney as a recognised global design city, features both local and international design activity, and the shortlisted entries in the Sydney Design Awards represent an annual snapshot of the sophisticated design culture in the Sydney marketplace.

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BY DACE | 22-May-2012

Situated amongst the leafy surrounds of Frankston South, the Derinya Art and Craft Exhibition (DACE) has become a renowned event on the Melbourne art scene, attracting exhibitors and visitors from across the state. In 2012, DACE will be held from Friday
20th to Sunday 22nd July – an important date for the calendars!

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hopscotch films is releasing Wish You Were Here

BY hopscotch films | 18-Apr-2012

Wish You Were Here is a psychological drama/mystery starring Joel Edgerton, Felicity Price and Teresa Palmer. Four friends - husband and wife Dave and Alice, and Alice's sister Steph and her new boyfriend Jeremy - lose themselves in the fun of a carefree South East Asian holiday. However, only three return back to Australia. Dave and Alice come home to their young family desperate for answers about Jeremy's mysterious disappearance. When Steph, returns not long after, a brutal secret is revealed about the night her boyfriend went missing. But it is only the first of many.

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Avant Card - A progressive dynamic advertising medium

BY | 12-Apr-2012

A progressive, dynamic advertising medium that has connected brands with people since 1992. Over the past 19 years Avant Card has grown to be the only free postcard advertising company in Australia with more than 1,670 quality distribution points.

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Trumer Beer Machine

BY Trumer Australia | 06-Apr-2012

The internet-viral „Trumer Beer Machine” was awarded gold in two categories at the W3 Awards in Los Angeles. (Web Viral and Branded Content: Viral)

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Great Day Fer Livin

BY Juliet Wilson | 16-Mar-2012

After living in Australia for 18 years, Juliet Wilson returned to Prince Edward Island for an extended stay. The Island’s allure hit her front on: not just the vibration of the gently rolling landscape, with its patchwork quilt of red soil and emerald fields, but the beauty of the people who make up the rich fabric of the Island, their sense of place, and their way of being.

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