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Collisions - A new dance work by The Delta Project

BY Arts Access Victoria | 08-Jun-2012

The Delta Project is a company made up of deaf and hearing dancers
The work explores the concept of "Collisions".
On the surface, no identifiable difference but in our daily lives the gap is exposed. It is not a reflection on disability/ability but on how any two worlds separated by a language barrier, experience and ways of living come together. In the merging of two cultures, we explore the effects of when two worlds collide.

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Jamie Boyd's Family Dynasty

BY Red Hill Gallery | 07-Jun-2012

This month we present an insight into the life and world of Jamie Boyd a 5th generation Boyd from a family of artists considered as art royalty in Australia with a heritage of artists dating back to the early 1800 hundreds.

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Julia deVille: Sarcophagus

BY Sophie Gannon Gallery | 06-Jun-2012

Melbourne based jeweller and taxidermist Julia deVille presents a new selection of sculptures that will enthrall and intrigue.

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