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La Fête de la Musique - Make Music Melbourne

BY The Alliance Française de Melbourne | 14-Jun-2012

Fête de la Musique is the largest international live music event in the world! Developed by the French Government in 1982, Fête de la Musique is held in 450 cities across the globe on the very same day each year – 21 June. The aim of the event is to make music everywhere, to celebrate music and to expose as many people to music as possible.

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BY Japingka Gallery | 13-Jun-2012

The Pilbara - Yinjaa-Barni Artists - Gallery1 Opens June 15, 2012 Yinjaa –Barni Artists are traditional owners from the Fortescue River region, and their paintings depict the remarkable country of the Pilbara in Western Australia’s north-west. The contrasts of the harsh environment with the hidden gorges of cool water, the seeds and flowers bursting out after rain, are moments that belong to the great Creation stories of the Marrga. This exhibition is presented in association with Yinjaa-Barni Art Centre. Edward Blitner –Stories from my Grandfather - Gallery2 Opens June 15, 2012 Edward Blitner started painting with his grandfather. He says of this time, "My grandfather would be painting on bark and we kids would sit around him and watch him grind the ochres and mix the colours. After a while he would tell us the story for that particular painting and also teach us the songs and dance for that story. When he was in a very good mood, he let us paint the sides of the bark painting. That was my start.

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Leslie Eastman at Nellie Castan Gallery

BY Nellie Castan Gallery | 13-Jun-2012

Leslie Eastman’s exhibition Chronology comprises a series of time objects, mechanisms addressing the deceptively simple fact of our presence in and perception of the world. Referencing the histories of Kinetic and Op Art, these temporal devices question the subject of time and the time of the perceiving subject.

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'Someone's Daughter ' - Entry for Moran Art Prizes 2012

BY Psari | 13-Jun-2012

The flowers are part of the idea of the child - adulthood play and not a botanically correct image. In fact most of the painting is painted very loosely as not to distract from the idea. A flower or leaf painted to precisely would distract and draw attention to the fact that it is painted so well. Only the eyes should capture you, the viewer and arrest you, so that all else just becomes a play in time and space. PSARI 2012

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Storylines Festival - are the stolen generation and refugees both just a number?

BY Storylines Festival | 13-Jun-2012

LANDMARK CULTURAL EVENT TO SHOWCASE MINORITY STORIES. Parade Theatre Kensington & Bondi Pavilion from 31 July. bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company in association with Tamarama Rock Surfers & Parade Theatres presents STORYLINES FESTIVAL 2012 – a four week celebration of diversity that challenges Australian art and theatre by providing a powerful, creative voice to minority cultures whose stories often go unheard.

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Bourne - Do you remember love

BY Bourne | 08-Jun-2012

Bourne is Australian Songstress Alex Bourne and Composer / Producer Niko Stoessl. Distinguished and elegant, yet dark and earthy. Watch the video clip here.

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Collisions - A new dance work by The Delta Project

BY Arts Access Victoria | 08-Jun-2012

The Delta Project is a company made up of deaf and hearing dancers
The work explores the concept of "Collisions".
On the surface, no identifiable difference but in our daily lives the gap is exposed. It is not a reflection on disability/ability but on how any two worlds separated by a language barrier, experience and ways of living come together. In the merging of two cultures, we explore the effects of when two worlds collide.

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Jamie Boyd's Family Dynasty

BY Red Hill Gallery | 07-Jun-2012

This month we present an insight into the life and world of Jamie Boyd a 5th generation Boyd from a family of artists considered as art royalty in Australia with a heritage of artists dating back to the early 1800 hundreds.

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Travel Sketch Tour to France

BY Erin Hill | 06-Jun-2012

Sketch in Paris for a week and another in South of France this September. All abilities welcome to join our small escorted Tour with Erin Hill.

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Exhibition Opening

BY Beth Humphries | 06-Jun-2012

An exciting new exhibition in an amazing gallery space at the beautiful Docklands in Melbourne!

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