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ESTABLISHMENT - 3 projects by artist-initiated organisations

BY Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST) | 06-Jun-2012

A series of projects including exhibitions, talks, performance, publications and social gatherings. Inflight, Taxonomy and Sawtooth will each 'take over' the CAST gallery for a week to curate a gallery-based project of their choice.

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BY Artitja Fine Art | 06-Jun-2012

The use of colour in Australian Aboriginal art will be the topic of discussion when Melbourne art curator, publisher and writer Emily McCulloch Childs presents an illustrated lecture on MYTH, MARK MAKING, COLOUR & SYMBOLOGY IN ABORIGINAL ART

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Julia deVille: Sarcophagus

BY Sophie Gannon Gallery | 06-Jun-2012

Melbourne based jeweller and taxidermist Julia deVille presents a new selection of sculptures that will enthrall and intrigue.

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BY Artitja Fine Art | 06-Jun-2012

An exhibition of works sourced from over 10 remote art centres and communities exploring the use of colour in Indigenous art

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Lovers and Daydreamers

BY Artist Emma Ward | 06-Jun-2012

Intiguinly familiar, insanely, beautiful. An exhibition of paintngs reflecting on what makes women beautiful.

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Fragments by Madeleine Clear

BY Greenhill Galleries | 06-Jun-2012

Greenhill Galleries is pleased to present "Fragments", an exhibition of new works by Madeleine Clear. June 14th - June 30th, 2012.

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BY fireworksgallery | 06-Jun-2012

An exciting collection of 21 electrifying new paintings by renowned Indigenous Australian artist, Michael Nelson Jagamara. Opening Event: 15th June 6-8.30pm.

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BY JO | 06-Jun-2012

Over $2000 in prize money will be awarded to artists on Saturday, 9 June 2012, at the opening of our 4th annual book inspired art exhibition called Blarney's Biblio-Art Awards.

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Emerging Design

BY design100 | 04-Jun-2012

We recognise that for emerging designers, building attachment with the design industry can be challenging, and we want to promote, empower and inspire you. Following your training or emergence into the industry, the next step to becoming a successful designer is to have opportunities to showcase yourself and your work, build your reputation and connect in with the industry.

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ArtCycle - Rent, Buy Art and Much More

BY ArtCycle | 28-May-2012

Established in 2011, artCycle is an artist-run initiative that rents and sells artwork and other works to private households, corporate clients, hotels, real estate agents and other organisations in Victoria.

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SONOR WINES - Refinement of Wine through Music

BY SONOR WINES | 28-May-2012

SONOR WINES is an invention by Viennese Wine Expert and Musician Markus Bachmann. Sonor Wines is a brand new technology which is using music for the refinement of wine. A special speaker is placed into the tank or barrel to expose the fermenting grape juice to classical, jazz, electronic, pop or rock music.

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