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Opening Reception Of Spirit and Splendour - Barkcloth Art of the Omie

BY ReDot Fine Art Gallery Update | 13-Mar-2013

A Collection of Barkcloth Art from the Ömie Artists, Papua New Guinea. ReDot Fine Art Gallery is thrilled to announce that the internationally celebrated Ömie women artists of Papua New Guinea will return to Singapore for a monumental exhibition of their barkcloth paintings this March. Following on from the hugely successful inaugural show in 2011, Of Spirit and Splendour will present a stunning selection of new work by the most exciting and talented artists from across the extremely remote Ömie mountain villages around Mount Lamington in Oro Province.

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Sexy, modern take on classical tale of love and sacrifice

BY Sirmai Arts Marketing - Publicity+ | 13-Mar-2013

WHAT MAKES A HERO? Gravas Productions presents TRAPPED IN MYKONOS Adapted from Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis Seymour Centre Reginald Theatre (Downstairs) from 4 to 13 April “Courage is what a true leader must uphold, since any man with half a brain can govern a state.” -Euripedis

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The Garden of Forking Paths - Comments: Zhai Liang Solo Exhibition

BY A Thousand Plateaus Art Space | 12-Mar-2013

Art Director: Liu Jie. Article Written: Xu Sheng. Artist: Zhai Liang. Media: Painting. Opening: 3:00 - 6:00pm, March 16, 2013 (Saturday). Exhibition Duration: March 16, 2013 - May 9th , 2013 Venue: A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, 87# Fangqin Street, Gaoxin District, Chengdu Tel: +86-028-8512-6358

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Mrs Warren's Profession

BY Riverside Theatres | 12-Mar-2013

Sarah Giles makes her main stage debut directing George Bernard Shaw’s classic, Mrs Warren’s Profession, at Riverside Theatres from Wednesday, 17 April to Saturday 20 April 2013, with a cast featuring Helen Thomson, Lizzie Schebesta, Simon Burke, Eamon Farren, Drew Forsythe and Martin Jacobs.

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REAL REFUSE 2013 – Gala Presentations : Saturday 6th April 5-8pm, Show runs from 1-14th April 2013

BY TAP Gallery | 12-Mar-2013

REAL REFUSE - Artists not selected for the Archibald, Wynne Sulman - People’s Choice Award – Prizes to be won - Gala Presentations : Saturday 6th April 5 – 8pm - Show runs from 1st-14th April 2013

The Real Refuses gives Artists the opportunity to have their work seen by their peers without prejudice. It allows a celebration of all Art & Artists who enter Australia’s largest Art event.

$25 to Enter Prizes to be won

Bring your artwork into TAP Gallery by 1st April 2013

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With Feeling

BY margaret river gallery | 11-Mar-2013

An Exhibition of new works by Bob Booth and Sam Broadhurst

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BY Neil Howe | 09-Mar-2013

Australian video artist Neil Howe collaborated with 25 artists and film makers from 14 different countries to create an art feature film titled Tea in a Thunder Cup co-ordinated via facebook by South African artist Alison Williams. This film has been selected for its premier screening at the Armory Show in New York.

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The Bell Ringers Ball

BY Sarah Vandepeer | 09-Mar-2013

The Bell Ringers Ball is an interactive installation by John Wright, Tim Hankinson, Nic Aplin and Steffan Ianigro exploring the acoustic and visual properties inherent in industrial objects.

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BY Show off Services | 08-Mar-2013

The ball just keeps rolling faster for Saskwatch, Melbourne’s monsters of soul. After a busy year winning hearts and starting parties at Meredith Music Festival, a sold out LP tour and a debut UK tour in 2012. In the later part of the year Saskwatch & Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring / Total Control) stepped into The Curtain Band Room, made it their studio for a couple of days and the result is ‘I Get Lonely’, a gritty ripper of a track that brings a whole new layer of garage rock to the band’s ever evolving soul sound.

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Geoff Heriot - In The South

BY Geoff Heriot | 08-Mar-2013

Author Geoff Heriot encountered more than he expected following the launch of his book at the recent Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart. But where else would you expect such encounters than at a four-day gathering of almost 600 wooden boats and 200,000 spectators? In the South: Tales of Sail and Yearning, has been described as a ‘sailing journey through time and place’, told through the prism of two particular wooden boats and people associated with them. One was a three-masted schooner designed by L Francis Herreshoff and the other Bruce Kirby’s sharpie ketch.

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the Greenroom Project Opening Night Mon 25 March

BY MWE | 07-Mar-2013

Live in the Basement the Greenroom Project presented by The Arts Centre Gold Coast OPENING NIGHT Monday March 25th It’s a talk show…a showcase....a unique night of cabaret. The Greenroom Project is Australia's first live cabaret talk show with special guest appearances by celebrity artists (soon to be announced), on the couch interviews, industry insight and gossip, five featured artists showcased and an open mic segment, all accompanied live by our outstanding musical director on piano.

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Tranquillity - Kim Hoa TRAM

BY FGY Art Gallery Melbourne | 06-Mar-2013

Chan (Zen) is a way of meditation and contemplation which purifies the mind and with true wisdom we attain spiritual enlightenment. Discover the tranquil world of Chan Buddhism with the one of the best Chan painting and calligraphy exhibitions in Melbourne. Presented by internationally renowned Chan painting artist Kim Hoa TRAM, 28 inspiring masterpieces urge you to contemplate life and find your inner peace. This exhibition only opens for a short period of time. For more information please email FGY Art Gallery Melbourne.

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BY Show off Services | 06-Mar-2013

Aluka, Melbourne’s finest experimental vocal group, made an album that took them and their producer Nick Huggins (Kid Sam, Otouto) on a recording journey around Victoria. Space, due for release on April 5 was recorded in 10 unconventional remote locations including a swimming pool, a barn, cars and a World War II bunker. These locations, teamed with Nick’s innovative microphone choices and recording techniques, have resulted in an engaging and multidimensional debut album.

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BY Leigh Cornish | 06-Mar-2013

Take a walk into the woods and peek under fallen trees and around the clear, still pools, and you might just see one of the creatures that inhabit the world of Cuddly Rigor Mortis. In her newest series of work, the American based artist explores the themes of folklore and fairy mythology with the exhibition ‘Dendrology Mythology’ on show at Auguste Clown Gallery from 15th – 28th March 2013.

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BY Riverside Theatre | 05-Mar-2013

Sport For Jove. Theatre critics are raving about this gripping, thrilling and contemporary version of Shakespeare’s classic tale of power, politics, madness and corruption. In a world of accidental judgements and casual slaughters, where everyone dies but no-one is permitted to grieve, a young man speaks for us all by daring to speak for himself. Director Damien Ryan brings his 15 years of intensive experience with this great story to an inspiring and passionate production, described by Sydney critics as one of the finest visions of Hamlet in recent times.

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BY Riverside Theatre | 05-Mar-2013

Documentary film-maker Rachel Perkins directed this Australian drama, scripted by Louis Nowra

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